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5 Combination Skin Daily Essentials

Beautiful woman cleansing her face. She has combination skin.

Cleanse ~ Nourish ~ Protect

Other than cleansing and moisturizing your skin daily, there are other things you can do to improve and maintain your healthy skin.  Below you will find 5 daily essential additions to your skin care regimen.  These items will also help to improve your overall health so they are worth serious consideration by all healthy adults.

How To Care For Your Combination Skin

Beautiful woman cleansing her face.  She has combination skin.

Dr. G. Todorov, “Skin is a dynamic system whose condition and properties depend on temperature, hydration, environment and other factors. Therefore, the skin’s ability to absorb topically chemicals can vary greatly.”


If you have tried to moisturize your skin so it will be soft and supple, but your nose and chin get too oily, causing an acne breakout, you might have combination skin. If you use scrubs and toners to try to control the oil and find that your cheeks become so parched that you look much older, you have combination skin. When you have combination skin, your main goal is to balance it out.  You want to keep the dry areas moisturized and your more oily areas relatively dry. The result is worth the extra bit of attention.  Make sure you wash your face daily, using a good cleanser then use a moisturizer with SPF protection.

Know Your Skin And How To Care For It For Life

Beautiful woman washing her face in the shower.

As we all know, it is a person’s face that lingers in our memory long after the individual ceases to be in view. The eyes, the smile, the expression… Unfortunately, almost all of us suffer from some type of less-than-perfect skin (at least some of the time).  Since our face can be something special that makes us memorable in a positive way and helps boost our self-esteem, we may actually need to pay closer attention to our skin each day.