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EWG Safe Cosmetics, Skin Care, And Personal Care Products

You deserve to be beautiful and use high quality personal care products with no worries about irritating ingredients.  I am committed to only present you with products that I use personally. I have sensitive skin and these products are great for all skin types. They are specially formulated to meet your personal care, skin care and cosmetic needs. I know that you can be beautiful without the risk of potential toxins and questionable ingredients.  These products are just as important for what they don’t put into their products as for what they do. Absolutely NO animal testing throughout the entire process!

Free Emu Oil! 3 Trial Sizes, minimum $25 purchase.

For thousands of years Emu Oil benefits have been known by the Australian Aborigine.  Studies from University of Australia report benefits that include:

  • Temporary relief of muscle pain
  • Temporary relief of arthritis pain
  • Anti-aging
  • Eczema
  • Softening of calluses
  • Minor burns
  • Softening nail beds

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Instructions: Add minimum purchase to order, Add Emu Oil Sample to your order – Coupon Code BESTOIL, add order coupon code, click APPLY, next click RECALCULATE. The birds are treated humanely, fed organically, and treated with care. They are raised for meat and the oil is harvested after so the animals do not suffer.

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What I personally like about these products is that they are so gentle on my skin. I have sensitive skin and they work great but they don’t irritate. Almost every product is available in a very inexpensive trial size so you can see how you like it before you place a regular order. I usually order my products online and Bob ships them within 2 hours!

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