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What Does Color Mean To You?

Goethe Color (Colour) Wheel 1809 - public domain image

Goethe Color Wheel 1809


Your Colors Matter! is a site I developed to assist all people that want to know more about the influence and power of color (or colour for our UK friends).  Since I live in America and I want Google’s favor, I typically use the spelling of “color.”  Like music or math, I believe color, no matter the spelling, is a universal language that unites us all.

For me, the interesting  thing about color is the reactions we humans have to it.  To the left you see a color wheel by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Later, he determined his ideas were best expressed within an equilateral triangle. In the original color triangle he used the three primary colors of red, yellow, and blue.  He chose these colors based as much on their emotional content as on their physical characteristics. Goethe’s research marks the beginning of modern color psychology. He believed his triangle was a diagram of the human mind and each color was linked to certain emotions. While the color blue evoked a quiet mood, red was festive and imaginative.


For more on the psychology of color, see my website.

Color And Its Influence On Your World Has a Lasting Effect

The reason I present a fairly good amount of info on the psychology of color is because to some, “Color Me Beautiful,” (THE book that started all of the excitement), the idea of obtaining a color analysis, and using the seasons to distinguish color palettes is outdated or just considered a novelty or fad (  What I am presenting here is not just my opinion that this is totally untrue, but I provide you with scientific proof that colors influence human beings for better or for worse!  I do think this negative attitude towards color analysis probably came about because Personal Seasonal Color Analysis is used in the context of beauty, cosmetics, and fashion instead of “art” or “interior design” where color analysis appears to get more respect.  Also, if you have ever had a color analysis, and the consultant got it “wrong,” you probably will think the entire process does not work (and who could blame you?).

Here’s something that just might surprise you.  If you seriously consider having a group of friends over for a Personal Seasonal Color Analysis Assessment, there may be those that think having a set of colors to live and work by is too limiting or doesn’t make any sense.  They are used to reading the latest fashion magazines that tell them that they “just have to have this season’s latest fashion or cosmetics colors or not be in style.” That’s their business; to get us to purchase new things each and every season.  And it is indeed true; an individual can wear any color they like.  I wrote about the color I hate, Pink. There are a few tricks you can use to wear colors that aren’t your best or colors you are stuck with because of a certain occasion or occupation. But, primarily this site is about presenting the best image of you to the world.

Image of Gisele Bunchen, Spring.

"Anyone can look younger, more confident, and energetic wearing their right colors."

With my PSCA (Personal Seasonal Color Analysis), you will receive 30 personal colors to work with. These colors will guide you as you shop for all types of clothing (casual and dressy), accessories, and makeup.  Most people find this to be just what they were looking for.  With some of my more discerning clients, they want the full PSCA Plus which will determine their best 48-60 colors. These clients have more subtle tastes and greater expectations. Some of these clients know that they are worth the process! They realize as we determine their best colors, they can look younger, slimmer, healthier, and more alive!

My business clients often use their colors for personal branding and marketing purposes. Ultimately, we are each responsible for our own destiny.  How you project your self image in the world reflects your attitude, knowledge, experience and credibility.  No matter what analysis you determine you need, you will see the world in a whole new way.

I have met many people that think color analysis is simple and they can just read material online and figure it all out. For the average person, they don’t have the time or ability to do their own research. Also, print materials and computer monitors do not give true color results.  You can get close and if that’s all you are looking for, doing your own research may be just fine.

If you are serious about making a positive change, want to feel great and confident each day in all you do, and want others to see you as a leader, expert, or as a confident individual that has their life together and knows who they are and where they’re going ~ then you need professional help. Why do people hire wedding planners, decorators? Why do the majority of us go to licensed cosmetologists and hair stylists/colorists if it’s so easy and simple for the average person to do it themselves? Doesn’t it also make sense to obtain a Personal Seasonal Color Analysis from someone who is actually experienced and knows what they are doing ~ that knows what to look for and what to dismiss? I am here to help you bring out your best image, qualities, and appearance so you can reach the goals you seek in life. With your new-found knowledge comes power; remember to keep your look authentic and YOU.  We will create an improved version of the “old” you but leave all the great qualities that make you unique.

Time and experience has proven that the process and outcome can have a profound effect on a person’s personal and professional life.  Why? Because image matters, first impressions matter, power and influence matter.  We all want to be liked, accepted, appreciated.  Whether you want to freshen up your image, look more professional, or do a complete 360 degree makeover, change can be a great and profound thing.

My Services…

The journey I want to take with you is where we start with the outside (your appearance) and then work our way to the inside (your self-confidence, style personality, and knowledge of self). I help my clients locally in Southwest Florida USA and others virtually.  You don’t have to live near me to benefit from my experience and expertise.  I make it affordable and easy!  How can I help you?

To your success and empowerment,

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