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Comments ~ Best Practices




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Welcome and Thank You For Reading This.

First and foremost, I thank all of my genuine loyal readers and followers.  You are the reason I get up each day and blog!  You are very valuable to me.  I am humbled by your trust, enthusiasm, passion, and desire to make the world a better place.  I respect the time you take to stop by, read my content, and share what you’ve found here with your friends and networks. No greater compliment can a blog owner receive!

As a blogger, I take a great deal of time creating valuable content, researching solutions to my readers’ challenges, and trying to make each day for you a little brighter.  I create my own content, images, designs and everything you see here either from scratch or from the public domain.  It’s a labor of love. This takes us to the next topic.

Currently, due to abuse, I have comments turned off! I guess good manners are not in style at this time. So until they return… No commenting will be allowed. I’m sorry to those that have sincere interest in my blog. Feel free to connect with me anytime!

Conduct That I Won’t Tolerate Here

I consider myself to be an entrepreneur ~ a business owner ~ an online professional marketer.  The purpose for my blog is to bring together a sense of community for like-minded personal and professional bloggers so we can get to know each other better and build lasting friendships and business networks.

Are your comment-activities in line with my online goals?  Just like I hate spam email because it takes up too much valuable time trying to sort the gems of wisdom from pure trash, I hate worthless comments.  What do I mean? Ambiguous comments, off-topic comments, “copy-and-paste” comments repeated across various networks, obnoxious multi-link ads, fake email addresses and fake domains.  There are those that also use various IP addresses and post over and over again the same message on various posts.  Some don’t even disguise the IP and post nonsense over and over again.  Most blog systems allow blog owners to view the IP address of their comment authors. If several comments come in using different names, different emails, different websites, but the same IP address, it’s pretty obvious that the comments generated by this author are pure spam.  If your comment looks suspicious to me, I will follow your links.  If they are not Google-friendly or lead to porn, gambling, hate-sites, or other undesirable domains, you will be banned!

Inexperienced blog commenters often wonder, “Why, oh why do they waste all this time spamming or posting trashy comments?”  The authors think these activities will increase their page ranking on Google, or get them more backlinks to their blog, or they mistakenly think it will give them more credibility.  I really don’t care what their latest strategy is.  All they are doing is creating a name for themselves as a time-waster, nuisance, and super-spammer.  If this description is how you spend your time daily online, don’t waste your time coming back to my blog wondering where all your marvelous link-loaded comments disappeared to.  Now you’re just being ignorant.

Conduct I Expect When You Leave Comments

To get the most out of your visit here, these are my suggestions for Comment Best Practices, or what you should be doing to assist you and me!

>>  It is best to register in order to comment.  This tells me you are going to take your interaction with my blog seriously and you just might know how to conduct yourself online.

>>  No question is a stupid question.  If you need further explanation on a certain topic, you are a friend here.  Feel comfortable, ask your questions.  That’s what social media is for!  Getting social!

>>  If you feel you have something to contribute that will add to the topic or offer encouragement for someone, please share your comment.

>>  Please keep your comment in context with the topic being discussed or shared.  In other words, reply to or reference something said in another comment or to the topic or content of a post.  If you want to be truly helpful and add value, include the name of the comment author or post author so that my spam filter will see that you have read the material and are not a spammer.

>>  If you put links in your comment, the first two and any other comments with additional link will go to moderation (I will review them personally and decide whether they are going to stay or be removed).  If necessary, I will moderate all other comments on a case-by-case basis.

>>  You may include a backlink in your comment if it is to another post created by you or others as long as it is relevant to the topic or discussion, with your explanation as to why it is relevant or related.

>>  It’s my blog and my content and my reputation; please note that I reserve the right to edit comments for readability or clarity.  My blog is in US English.  Please don’t leave comments in other languages other than English.  I have many international friends and respect your native language and culture but I need to know what you are communicating on my blog.  If English is not your first language, your sincerity will still shine through.  Don’t worry about writing “perfect” English.

>>  If I see comments filled with nonsensical keywords, sex terms, tasteless remarks, or anything I deem to be objectionable, I will remove the comment.

>>  We don’t always have to agree on my blog.  If you have a point to make, please be respectful of my community members, followers, and other comment authors.  Let’s all be adults and professionals ~ no insults, outright meanness, flaming, harassing competitors while trying to promote yourself or your own business ~ you will be deleted, moderated, warned, or flat-out banned from the site.  Remember, your comment is for adding value not strictly as a self-promotion platform.

>>  Should you decide to register with me and submit a comment, you acknowledge that you grant this site a perpetual license to reproduce your words, comments, remarks and your name or link in attributionIf you do not agree with this policy, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A COMMENT.

>>  I am fully aware that most of my readers and registered commenters are actively link-building to their own online content (personal and personal-professional blogs).  I do appreciate and respect that.  Please respect that I am in the process of building long-term relationships and creating an online community.  I take this very seriously.  A one-line ambiguous comment will not add any value and I shall remove it.  It is a “worthless” comment.

>>  If you are an aggressive Bum Marketer (affiliate marketer), leave your affiliate links where they will produce the greatest results; on your own site.  If you leave them here, I will break the links or remove the comment.

As a registered member of my community, please keep these considerations in mind before you post a comment and respect why they exist.  I don’t want to turn into a “Drill Sergeant” or have to “police” the community.  Common courtesy, respect and common sense will usually prevail.  Remember: socializing and blogging are supposed to be enjoyable and productive activities.



To your success and empowerment,

Deborah A. Ten Brink's Signature