The Influence of Color
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Organize Your Clothes & Accessories


Image of messy closet.

(Continued From 10 Ways To Tell If Your Closet Is An Absolute Mess on my Products Page)

Right Now Is A Great Time To Get Organized!

With the holidays upon us and guests arriving just around the corner, why not get your closets organized so that you’re really efficient and stop wasting so much time shoving clothes and accessories around that you will never wear again? What will happen if you get new clothes and jewelry as gifts, where will you put them??? It’s embarrassing, frustrating, and you get exhausted just thinking about it!

Color Swatches Are A Guide, Not The Rule!



Image of Minka Kelly in the right green & Scarlett Johansson is wearing the wrong green.

These two celebrities have chosen to wear green dresses with black accessories. On the left is Minka Kelly in Yigal Azrouelin’s olive green. She is a Deep Autumn and she looks stunning! Scarlett Johansson is wearing Dolce & Gabbana jade green. Neither jade nor black is in her color palette. Jade green belongs in the Soft Summer (cool) swatches. She is a Clear Spring (warm) and her green shades are emerald, mint, lime.

Image of Scarlett Johansson in her right greens on the left; wrong on the right.

Just For Men: How To Wear Colors That Are Not Your Season

Fashionably dressed men.

How do you integrate a color that's not in your personal seasonal color palette?


Men Especially Need To Know Their Best Colors And Accessories

Women talk with each other and share anything new and exciting that they’ve found. Women tend to shop with their friends and discuss and critique everything. Men tend to go it alone.  Just think about it. You go to meet your best friends at the local bar and watch your favorite team. Which of your friends is most likely to say, “Hey, Bro! Love that new polo shirt! You look great in that color!” Exactly! Men just buy dress clothes and casual clothes with abandon.

Have To Wear A Color You Hate?

Closeup image of a plastic pink lawn flamingo.

I hate the color pink. I especially hate pink plastic lawn flamingos.