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About Deborah

A photo of Deborah's Mother at age 36.

This is a photo of my beautiful Mother, Shirley Curtis, at age 36.  I am an only child and she was not only my mother but also my best friend.  She was highly intelligent, had a great sense of humor, was stubborn, determined, and strong — all this while being extremely loving, giving, kind, and gentle.  She passed away from cancer on April 24 (Easter Morning), 2011 just past her 70th birthday.  Each day, as I conduct my business, it helps me to heal and feel closer to her as she and I loved Color Me Beautiful, gardening, and landscaping.  I am who I am today because she was such a great example of a wife and mother.  I miss you Mom, but will continue to help others with your spirit always beside me.   @->—

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I always loved to spend time with my Mother.  After marriage and children, it was a real treat to occasionally go shopping with her, get our hair and nails done, and get lunch.  It was on one of these indulgences that my Mother introduced me to “Color Me Beautiful” and its concepts of using the four “seasons” to create a guide for women to choose their best colors for hair, makeup, and wardrobe.  In other words, a means to create a complete, put-together look that one could rely upon to always look your best no matter what the occasion.  I loved the whole idea!  I have always been fascinated by systems and creating order out of chaos.  This was back in the mid-1980’s.

We studied the material and fortunately, we were both pretty easy to define according to the seasons as outlined.  But, that’s not always the case! Typically, beginners don’t appreciate the intricacies of a Personal Seasonal Color Analysis.  There are many factors to consider.  Well, it turned out that Mother was a “Soft Summer” and I was a “Dark or Deep Autumn.”  Many people had told me over the years that I resembled my Mother and we were both brunettes so I was very surprised that we were different seasons.  Once I knew what to look for, I saw that we had different characteristics so we were different seasons!

Deborah's Color Tools

After determining our seasons, one of the first things Mother and I did was to take a look in our closets.  Our clothing was mostly in-line with our particular seasons but we did have a few exceptions.  One of our funniest (or most enlightening) moments was when we realized that the items in Mother’s closet that weren’t her season — ended up being my season and vice-versa!  I had always idolized my Mother and wanted to be more like her so I had a bit of confusion.  I thought if certain items of clothing looked good on her, they would also look good on me.  Mother had told me often that she wished she looked like me… so she had made the same mistake and purchased things that looked good on an Autumn but not a Summer! Now that we were somewhat “educated,” it was so obvious that we were indeed different!  In the photo to the right, you see one of the blouses she gave me from her closet that was my season, Autumn.  It is off-white with small dark chocolate brown polka-dots.  Notice some of the tools I use each day for my Personal Seasonal Color Analysis business.

For a couple of years, I used the swatches out of Mother’s book when shopping.  I had them laminated and carried them everywhere.  Then in late 1988 while we were shopping at the mall, we went into a bookstore and I purchased my own “Color Me Beautiful MakeUp Book,” by Carole Jackson.  The concepts outlined in this book changed my entire way of thinking about colors in decorating, creating my personal image, and one of my favorite hobbies ~ gardening and landscaping.  My whole world suddenly seemed to be focused on color, color theory, and creativity using the power of color.

One of the biggest benefits I received from studying about color and seasonal color analysis was how it made my life much easier — and I saved a lot of money, too! Why? I’ll give you an example I will never forget.  Just a couple of years after being introduced to the Color Me Beautiful System, I needed to purchase a dressy winter coat.  I looked at my color swatches and read the section about Autumn Wardrobe Colors and followed the suggestions.  I decided to go to the mall and find a great deal on a full length dark brown to charcoal colored coat.  I didn’t see anything I liked in the first store, but when I was in the second store, it almost seemed as if all the other colors totally receded from view.  Only coats that were the right colors seemed to advance and get my attention!  It was so easy knowing exactly what I needed and I could totally dismiss the rest!  If I didn’t know what colors looked best on a Deep Autumn, I could have bought the wrong coat and wasted money because I wouldn’t have been happy with my purchase… and I might never have known the exact reason why!

Then, along with getting rid of clothing and accessory items that were not my true seasonal colors, I had to throw away a lot of incorrect makeup!  Blushes and lipsticks that were too pink, or too cool in favor of warm corals and peaches.  Eye shadows that were too cool blue or too pinky… Now, I saw they were actually hideous on me!  Some of my colors had been “wrong” since my teen years because I wanted to wear what Mother looked good in!  It’s funny to me now.  It’s so much easier today.  Once you know your very best colors, you can purchase your swatch packet and actually shop for products that blend harmoniously with your season! All the guess work is gone!  If you have a particular cosmetics manufacturer that you just adore, once you become confident in your best seasonal colors, you will be able to discern which products from that brand actually look best on you.

During most of my adult life, I have been a small business consultant helping owners achieve their financial goals.  Along with business, comes marketing.  All of my skills and instincts with Color Me Beautiful were used frequently for designing websites, blogs, logos, and other marketing materials — to assisting clients going before the camera or shooting a video.  I helped many over the years present their “best image” to boost sales and create successful products.  I found that I absolutely loved the “ah-hah!” moments when clients saw the difference between just looking good and — looking fantastic in their right season of colors.  When they started getting more attention, generating many more compliments, and their confidence was increased — I celebrated along with them!

It was such a natural progression that since I loved color and the power and influence it had on my personal and professional life, that I should decide to research all the available color systems and color analysis techniques available.  I wanted to see how I could learn and create my own interpretation of the whole process and share that information with my family, friends, and clients.  Just as I am unique — so are you.  Your gravitation toward certain colors and styles will be an expression of “you.”  I would like to help you look and feel your best no matter what the occasion or activity.  Business professional or casual wear — why not look your best every day?  As I explained previously, it is my pleasure to see each of you experience your own “ah-hah!” moment as you discover your personal best seasonal colors.  Hopefully, like I experienced personally, you too will have a life changing event by learning to love your colors!

To your success in life and many blessings to you,


To your success and empowerment,

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