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How To Care For Your Sensitive Skin

Attractive man with sensitive skin receiving a facial.

Dr. G. Todorov, “Skin is a dynamic system whose condition and properties depend on temperature, hydration, environment and other factors. Therefore, the skin’s ability to absorb topically chemicals can vary greatly.”

I have sensitive skin. I have to be careful what I do to it or it could be red or blotchy for days or have sudden breakouts. One of the difficulties with sensitive skin is that it can be hard to pinpoint just what makes it so sensitive and why it behaves the way it does. It could be poor digestion, thyroid issues, allergies, genetics, or toxins. If you currently have sensitive skin, you will need to practice good skin care techniques.  Make sure you wash your face daily, using a good cleanser then use a moisturizer with SPF protection.

Healthy Daily Skin Care Regimen

Cleansing 2X’s Per Day

It’s very important to apply products to clean moist skin so cleansing is very important.  Assemble what you need beforehand and get your hair up off your face (use clips, a headband, hair pins, etc.).  Then, wash your hands. To cleanse your face, use warm not hot water. Hot water increases skin aging.  Remember when touching your facial skin, be delicate. Don’t pull, stretch the skin, or rub.  Be careful to avoid cleansers with harsh detergents (such as glycerin, cetyl or stearyl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate and its related chemicals), and soap (including scented, deodorant and antibacterial soaps). Soap is drying and too harsh for your face.  The goal is to achieve healthy balanced skin.  Don’t waste your cleanser.  All you typically need is about the size of a US nickel. Gently splash some cool water on your face when you have finished cleansing in order to close pores. When finished, pat your face with a towel if it is too moist to apply products.  Do not wipe and dry your face. Leave it slightly moist.  Warm moist skin is ideal when you are ready to apply products.

Getting the Best Results: Applying Moisturizer or Other Products

Everyone knows that product results can vary widely from user to user.  This is often explained as variations in individual body chemistry, which may be the case. But, more often, it varies due to the way the user applies the product.  Keep in mind that a topical skin care product, such as a skin cream, gel or lotion, is a mixture of chemicals. The products will include some active ingredients (either natural or synthetic substances responsible for biological action of the product), while the rest are inactive ingredients (this includes substances that help protect and deliver active ingredients). Depending on the product, your results will be determined by two main factors.  1) if the active ingredients actually work, and 2) whether you have applied the product in a way that makes sure they penetrate into your skin deeply enough and in sufficient amounts to do their job.  Cleanse your skin; make sure the skin is warm and moist.  Next, apply your moisturizer. Applying a moisturizer after cleansing seals in moisture and helps maintain a healthy skin barrier. Then, use short, firm strokes to apply skin care products.  Experts suggest it is best to use the middle finger. It usually doesn’t take much product to work effectively.  After you have applied it, gently tap the area with your fingers for about half a minute to help the skin receive it.

If you applied makeup, don’t forget to completely remove it prior to retiring.  It is unhygienic to leave makeup on while sleeping and will almost definitely lead to skin issues.  You’ll sleep a lot better, too!  Speaking of sleeping well, don’t forget to change your pillow cases regularly.  If you use the same pillow case night-after-night for too many nights in a row, it can lead to breakouts!  This tip is from my Mother.  She sure was smart!

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If you are really serious about taking care of your Sensitive Skin, you will want to continue to “5 Sensitive Skin Daily Essentials.” If you include these into your daily routine, you will be a living example of what natural beauty is.  Everyone wants to be attractive, vibrant, and healthy. The choice is yours today.  Make a commitment to YOU; it is your choice to have beautiful, clear, healthy skin for life.

To your success and empowerment,

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