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Just For Men: How To Wear Colors That Are Not Your Season

Fashionably dressed men.

How do you integrate a color that's not in your personal seasonal color palette?


Men Especially Need To Know Their Best Colors And Accessories

Women talk with each other and share anything new and exciting that they’ve found. Women tend to shop with their friends and discuss and critique everything. Men tend to go it alone.  Just think about it. You go to meet your best friends at the local bar and watch your favorite team. Which of your friends is most likely to say, “Hey, Bro! Love that new polo shirt! You look great in that color!” Exactly! Men just buy dress clothes and casual clothes with abandon.

Most men I speak with, actually let their wives or girlfriends pick out all their clothes because they don’t feel confident enough (or maybe just don’t care enough) to make their fashion decisions themselves. I’ve actually had male clients that refused to wear anything but jeans and their favorite team’s jerseys… that’s the extent of their wardrobe! Well, if you want to wear casual clothes most of the time, it would still help to know what your very best colors are.  If you have your color swatches, your shopping will become very uncomplicated! Men, too, deserve to look and feel their best daily and “wow” them for special occasions and job interviews. Come on, admit it! Everyone likes to be complimented. You may even get a promotion! We all want to be accepted and admired.

Now, more good news. Every season will contain enough neutral colors (colors that blend well with almost everything else in your wardrobe) that you should find something you really like for the conservative business world and your casual life. If you think about it, whenever we walk out the door, we make a visual statement to the world. Do we care about our appearance? Are we well groomed? If you take good care of yourself, you are probably reliable, responsible, and dependable. How we take care of ourselves shows the world how we think. If it is true that seventy percent of first impressions are visual and ninety percent of that is based upon what we wear, need I clarify it any further? Corporations spend big money on their brand; their marketing colors, decor, business location. It must be really important or why would they pay for all that research? The research results are in for your best colors and best looks! So I know you will absolutely want to use this knowledge to your advantage.

We have special color swatches just for men. Often once we have identified your correct season and dominate characteristics, men will say that they have another color they’d like to incorporate into their wardrobe. It may not even be close to their color swatches. I have stated before that if you have a color that you just can’t live without, don’t! Here’s how I assist those men.

Image of a male's best and worst color arrangement.

No color has to be totally off limits!

What If You Want To Wear Colors That Are Not In Your Season?

Because your Personal Seasonal Color Analysis identifies your very best colors (based on your skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color), the secret is to keep these colors and those that harmonize closely with your swatches from the waist up. Your other colors that you love but can’t find on your swatches can be worn from the waist down. What will happen is the best colors will enhance your complexion and coloring and the lower colors will become diluted! When people see you, they will still see you looking healthy and glowing.

What happens if you wear other colors from the waist up? You can look washed out, even ill. When people react to you negatively (perhaps not wanting to catch whatever it is they think you’ve got), you won’t feel good about yourself. Your confidence will be low. You may notice when you look in the mirror that all you notice is the colors that you’re wearing. You seem to disappear. This is why it’s important to wear your right colors the right way. No one wants to be ignored or overlooked!

You can bring in the other color or colors below the waist with accessories like a colored watchband, cufflinks, socks, shoes, boots, pants or slacks, or shorts. Here’s an example of what I am talking about.

Let’s say your season is Soft Autumn like David Beckham. There is no black in your season. It’s too intense for your muted coloring. When you wear black and white and deep intense colors near your face, they take over. Look at this example.

Image of comparison of David Beckham in Wrong Colors and Right Colors.


Notice how in the first original photo, David is wearing colors from the Winter Season. Winter is a cool season and often intense. The colors pop and you notice them before him. He actually looks washed out by them. That’s not what we want! Now, David is an intense sports star so he or his stylist probably determined the colors matched his personality (that’s another whole part of this system – style, personality, and body shape) but the seasonal colors must come first. David is a warm Soft Summer. This means the chroma or clarity of the Summer Season, not intensity. Soft means muted, toned-down. There is also the color gray mixed into the colors. Notice how the second photo showing his correct lemon yellow shirt makes his hair and complexion stand out? He looks hot! Remember to always use your swatches as a guide. Make sure your best colors are near your face (hats, scarves, sunglasses, glasses, necklaces, shirts, ties, jackets, earrings, shirts and sweaters). Then you can add other colors that are not included in your color swatches away from your face (belts, watches, shorts, slacks, socks, shoes, sandals, etc.).

I’m sure that you are now getting the idea on how to wear colors well even if they are not your very best colors. This should help you save money because you can still use items in your wardrobe that you enjoy. You don’t need to give everything away or sell items because your Personal Seasonal Color Analysis says they are not part of your season. Happy confident shopping!


To your success and empowerment,

Deborah A. Ten Brink's Signature

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