The Influence of Color
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Color Swatches Are A Guide, Not The Rule!



Image of Minka Kelly in the right green & Scarlett Johansson is wearing the wrong green.

These two celebrities have chosen to wear green dresses with black accessories. On the left is Minka Kelly in Yigal Azrouelin’s olive green. She is a Deep Autumn and she looks stunning! Scarlett Johansson is wearing Dolce & Gabbana jade green. Neither jade nor black is in her color palette. Jade green belongs in the Soft Summer (cool) swatches. She is a Clear Spring (warm) and her green shades are emerald, mint, lime.

Image of Scarlett Johansson in her right greens on the left; wrong on the right.

The reason I use this example is because we have two lovely fashionable women yet Kelly looks truly hot while I’ve seen Scarlett look better. Why? Because Kelly is wearing her proper and best shade of green near her face. Now to be fair to Scarlett, she is doing one thing correct; even though none of the colors she is wearing are in her seasonal color swatches, she doesn’t have them too near her face. She’s showing a lot of skin which tones down the wrong colors. She is really a warm season but she is wearing cool colors. Cover the image of Scarlett on the right. You see how the warm Spring Greens make her glow? Now cover up the image on the left. You can see how the cool Soft Summer Greens aren’t working well with her coloring. In the image of her in the dress, the wrong colors are still too near her important “up close and personal” zone. After you begin to have a practiced eye, you will always know when someone is wearing their very best colors and when they are not.

Image of women's silhouette showing where to wear their colors.

Because your Personal Seasonal Color Analysis identifies your very best colors (based on your skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color), the secret is to keep these colors and those that harmonize closely with your swatches from the waist up. Your other colors that you love but can’t find on your swatches can be worn from the waist down. Wearing your right colors can make your face glow, eyes shine, and make you look younger. Wearing other colors not in your swatches farther away from your face will help to tone them down, making them affect your coloring in a less noticeable way. You want to wear your colors not have your colors wear you!

Image of beautiful Shania Twain in her best colors and in a color totally wrong for her.

Let me show you what I mean. I just love comparison photos! On the left is a great example of a gorgeous woman looking her best. Shania Twain is a Cool Winter. On the left she’s wearing dark raspberry red with a black vest > true to her season. On the right, she’s wearing a gold dress that is absolutely not in her seasonal palette (and it’s a warm shade of gold as well). All I can see is that this color is all wrong on her! In the photo on the left, you see beautiful Shania. On the right, your eyes are drawn to the color of the dress, it throws her whole look off.


All of the women used in my examples above are truly lovely. But, even they can have “off” days when they aren’t choosing or haven’t been advised properly. Use your Personal Seasonal Color Swatches as a guide for when you go shopping. Try to find colors that match or harmonize with your swatches. You’ll be assured of always looking your best. As you get more comfortable with your season, you will notice that you look better in some colors more than others, further refining your own taste and style personality!

If you have clothes in your closet that don’t match your color swatches, now you know that you don’t necessarily have to get rid of the items, just wear them a further distance from your face and work them into your new seasonal wardrobe. Choose accessories that tie the whole look together. It’s a myth that once you truly know your season then you need to toss or donate all items that are not in harmony with your seasonal palette. No color has to be completely off limits!

Now, so far, all of my posts have been about Personal Seasonal Color Analysis. We haven’t begun to discuss fashion styles and personalities yet. So while you may love a particular dress, pair of shoes or boots, and certain accessories, this is a whole other facet of fashion. You will see that while you may get the colors right, the style is still all wrong for you! Stay tuned… we’ll be covering all of these topics!

To your success and empowerment,

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