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What Deborah is Doing to Prepare for 2012…


Happy New Year To You!

It’s the end of another great year. A time for renewal, reflection, new beginnings. Just like everyone else that has a business, I have been busy planning my business strategies, marketing, and researching what it is my clients need that I haven’t been giving them. There is always room for improvement!

I had an opportunity presented to me in June of this year. I was invited to become part of a successful team of realtors at Market America Realty Network. This was totally unexpected! I was selling my home, interviewing agents, and I met one that I really clicked with. He had been in the business for over 30 years and brought two companies to the very top… one internationally for RE/MAX®!

How this came about was that during the process of listing our home with him and qualifying new properties for us to purchase, I started discussing my background (small business consulting, real estate investing consulting, mortgages, financing, commercial financing… and assisting For-Sale-By-Owners). I told him I knew how to “stage” my home and it wouldn’t be necessary for him to come over and give me tips ~ all he had to do was list it and I would do the rest! He offered me the position on the spot! He invited me to help him train and develop a real estate team. Well, we sold our home for full price within 2 hours of our first showing! I had proven myself!

Now, you may think I’m straying away from my Color Analysis and Image Consulting focus. Far from it! Not to be critical, but there are many business professionals that really need some expert advice on how to present themselves in a more professional manner to increase both their business and their confidence. I will be a day-to-day example of how to express your unique style and yet always present your best self when meeting new clients. Real estate agents and brokers are in the “service” industry. They have to build trust, appear successful, and yet be friendly and approachable. This is true for many industries. Well, this is my specialty! So, while I am going to real estate school, studying hard, and preparing for my state licensing exam… my blog posts my slow down to a trickle, but it’s all part of my 2012 plan for me and my business. It will be well worth it!

I wish you good health, prosperity, and success in all you do!


To your success and empowerment,

Deborah A. Ten Brink's Signature

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