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Have To Wear A Color You Hate?

Closeup image of a plastic pink lawn flamingo.

I hate the color pink. I especially hate pink plastic lawn flamingos.



As far back as my memory goes, I have hated the color pink. Now there are some exceptions; when my Soft Summer girls were little, I bought lovely items in pink. It typically is a very soft, muted often considered feminine color. I also love pink in landscaping flowers. But, even though I live in Florida, I absolutely detest the cheap tacky stinky plastic pink lawn flamingos! Even when I was back home in Michigan, tasteless people would stick these on their lawn. Seriously, have you ever smelled one of these plastic gaudy birds? They smell terrible. I guess maybe these people feel it gives their property a tropical ambiance? I have seen the real American Flamingos (birds originally from the Caribbean and the Galapagos Islands; none live natively in Florida at this time unless they are escapees from zoos) and they are absolutely gorgeous.

After all this study about color, I began to wonder about how we see pink anyway. Visible light is in different wavelengths and pink is not one of them. This topic is a bit deep and I’m not a scientist, so here is a simple explanation for how we see the color pink by an expert.



What If You HAVE to Wear A Color But It’s Not Part of Your Color Palette? Should You Avoid It Altogether?

I have put together some tips on how to wear colors you like the least. Maybe you have an occasion where you cannot change the main color you must wear, or you have to wear an employee uniform of some type. Maybe some of these ideas will work for you.


EXAMPLE: Let’s say a good friend that I haven’t seen in ages (otherwise she’d know better) bought me the pink dress below as a gift and invited me to a special luncheon while she’s in town. She expects me to wear this dress to the luncheon. Now, I don’t want to hurt her feelings and wear something else or return it. Look, life is too short to be too rigid. It just takes a bit of creativity and you can wear any color. Here’s how I might change my mind about the new pink dress.


Lovely American Actress, Eva Longoria, in a Victoria Beckham Pink Crepe.

Learn How To Wear Colors That You Don't Like By Being Creative.


[Eva Longoria in a Victoria Beckham wool and silk blend crepe dress, Vintage Pink Scarf/Wrap by Spartina 449, Gucci G-Wave Shoulder Bag, low heels by MaxStudio, taupe boyfriend jacket by TopShop, jewelry available at NothingButPearls, and faux suede high heels with pheasant feathers were available at Etsy.]


As you can see, you can tone down the attention on the color that you don’t like and bring in accessories from your true season’s colors. I normally go for more deep colors because I am a Deep Autumn; however, since the shade of pink in this dress is delicate, I moved to the lighter more neutral shades (a Soft Autumn if you will) to pull this look together.  In my next post, I’ll show you the secrets to putting together your own outfit with colors that may not be exactly in your Personal Season Color Swatch. (Men and Women will be covered).

Do you like what I’ve done with the dress to make it suit me? Let me know. Leave a comment.  Oh, and if you adore pink, check out Barbie’s new pantone dress.

To your success and empowerment,

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