The Influence of Color
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Archive for October, 2011

Just For Men: How To Wear Colors That Are Not Your Season

Fashionably dressed men.

How do you integrate a color that's not in your personal seasonal color palette?


Men Especially Need To Know Their Best Colors And Accessories

Women talk with each other and share anything new and exciting that they’ve found. Women tend to shop with their friends and discuss and critique everything. Men tend to go it alone.  Just think about it. You go to meet your best friends at the local bar and watch your favorite team. Which of your friends is most likely to say, “Hey, Bro! Love that new polo shirt! You look great in that color!” Exactly! Men just buy dress clothes and casual clothes with abandon.

Have To Wear A Color You Hate?

Closeup image of a plastic pink lawn flamingo.

I hate the color pink. I especially hate pink plastic lawn flamingos.


Hunger And Malnutrition Here In America

Image of beautiful colorful healthy fruits and vegetables at the Farmer's Market.

The beauty of fresh colorful fruits and vegetables is much more than skin deep.


So, We Are What We Eat.

The Good News…

When we go to our local farmer’s market or nearby grocery store to choose the very best produce for our families, we use all of our senses.  Touch, smell, sight… and finally, taste. Often the color and appearance of the food item is a very important part of the selection process.

Are you aware that the colors we find in various foods represent 25,000 chemicals that are beneficial? [].

Sea or Beach Glass. It’s My Style.

Image of pale, rough, sea glass.

Click the image to see original sea glass jewelry.

Use Nature As A Source of Inspiration

Clients often have a difficult time narrowing down their choices for color when decorating.  Either they “love” too many colors, or they are just unsure which ones go well together and which ones express their personality the best.  What is actually the easiest step in the process appears to be which colors they do not like at all.  You can double the complexity of the project if your client is a couple.

Women’s High Heels: Fashion Statement or Health Risk?

C. Louboutin's Red-soled Heels.

Fashion Statement/Health Risk?



Shopping for Shoes Online

I typically buy classic shoes that last really well for a few years.  Recently, I wanted to buy a new pair of office casual heels and a pair that could take me walking in them for a few miles each week for business.  For the first time in a long while, I was in for a real shock.